For those over 62

Reverse Mortgages Loans and Reverse Purchase Loans

Is a Reverse Mortgage Loan right for you?

A Reverse Mortgage Loan could provide Financial security from your home.  Call us directly or fill out the inquiry form at the bottom of this page and one of our trained specialists will CONTACT YOU to see if a reverse mortgage could work for you.

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Our Specialists can determine how you might qualify. It's really simple!

1) All borrowers must be 62 or older (Eligible non-borrowing spouses may be under 62 years old).

2) You should have significant equity in your home and your home must meet FHA standards.

3) You will be required to continue paying your property taxes and insurance.

4) You remain the owner of your home (so long as you comply with the loan terms) and can sell it at anytime.

YOU always MAINTAIN OWNERSHIP of YOUR HOME and STAY IN YOUR HOME, WITHOUT EVER MAKING ANOTHER MONTHLY MORTGAGE PAYMENT (Borrower must comply with all loan terms, such as paying property taxes and homeowner's insurance). 

This can provide Seniors with financial independence.

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